What is leaderboard picks on CentSports?

The platform centsports allows its participants to go for leaderboard picks through centsports.com which in return helps all the participants to earn Sport Bucks on a daily basis. An individual participating on the Cent Sports platform can actively add up to ten picks every day which does not include the ones from the balance of the Sport Bucks, and if the individual is rated among the top five on the statistics of the leaderboard then they actively receive Sport Bucks deposited in their account.

There are challenge pickups on the platform of CentSports where the individuals participating in the platform makes a choice and simultaneously a pick is made by the computer itself in order to challenge the individual. This does not include any costs to be paid by the player at any instance during the course of the pick being made and the balance of the Sport Bucks remains unaffected.


Every participating player can do this pick every day but is limited to once per day. This is simply to try and test the fate and see if the player is lucky enough to earn the Sport Bucks and get them deposited in the platform’s account. The limitation of the betting amount that can be placed on the platform does not have any limitations and the platform urges the players to make bigger bets on their picks made but the highest amount is limited to $4 as Sport Bucks for an individual pick. The Elite Access is another mode which is yet to be launched on the platform and using which players can make larger bets on the picks that they have made on the platform.

The picks of the participating users are scored at the quickest time possible and there is a continuous effort being made in order to make it more and more stabilized and faster.