What is included in the q48 program?

As we all know obesity is a major problem for people as it is the main reason for all the health issues. If you are someone who is spending their entire time in the gym, then the q48 is going to be a boon in your life. If someone is busy the entire day, then that person hardly gets time to work out in the gym and moreover, if you are following any strict gym routine then you will also have to cut down some of your favorite foods from your diet chart. Q48 has been designed in a way so that people can not only enjoy the exercise but also enjoy their favorite foods. Where you have to perform simple exercises with a combination of little rest and within 48 minutes, you will start to shed all the extra fat. Q48 is a new thing in the market, and people are eager to know what is included in this q48 program which makes it different from the other exercises. So here in this article let’s just look into what does q48 has which other program doesn’t.

Contents of q48 program

  • To follow this program, you have to enroll yourself in the 48 Hour Burn system, and you can have access to it for your entire lifetime.
  • You can find many stretching and heating sequences in the Q48.
  • There will be numerous videos with the training series where every exercise will be described minutely for the beginners.
  • This videos will have the intermediate training series.


  • You can also watch the training series specially designed for the advanced level for burning the facts quickly.
  • You will get the training schedule which you will have to follow to make this q48 program work.
  • There will be an official forum where you can share all the experiences and the result of this program on your health and on your extra fat.
  • Q48 has the combat plant that will help you in extracting the maximum result from that training.
  • Here you will get a diet plan design for 21 days that will help to boost the entire process of fat burning.
  • You will also be given many sequences of challenges which will help you in elevating the process of fat loss.
  • There will be a guide that will help you to take all the steps required even if you are a beginner you won’t get confused if you use that you 48 programs.

After you sign up for this Q48 program you will get access to all these features and not only that; you can see the results in the next 48 hours after you start following this program. For more information, you can visit sementedechia.info/q48/.