Quick Fix Urine Is Perfect Replica of Natural Urine

The term “synthetic urine” appears to be astonishing because it is excretory fluid produced naturally in the body to discard toxins. The question is why would someone use urine when it is a discard of the human body. Then what is synthetic urine and why would you use synthetic urine? The truth is that synthetic urine has become so popular and its sale has surged over time. People are using it for replacement of natural urine to pass urine screen test for drug intoxication. Many variants are selling on online shops and quick fix urine is the popular name.

How can you pass urine screening?

There are simple ways to pass urine screen test when you are intoxicated with any drug.

  • You can borrow someone else’s urine who doesn’t have practice of consuming alcohol or drugs.
  • You can drink plenty of water to dilute urine and for frequent urination to clear toxins contained in the intoxicated urine.
  • You can use fake or synthetic urine as replacement of natural intoxicated urine.

quick fix synthetic urine

Best way to pass urine screen while intoxicated

While first two of the above methods can’t have feasibility, last method would be the best without any risk of detection. Synthetic urine is replica of the natural urine and it has same pale-yellow color and odor like an original urine. No one can detect its fake nature with a naked eye. Even its composition is like a natural urine which is sterile without any toxins so that no one can know about its reality through chemical urine analysis.

Which synthetic urine is best?

Ample variety of synthetic urine is available for test sample through online sellers, but all available urine samples may not have perfect composition and always carry a risk of detection of its fake identity. If you want to make your urine screen risk free, you can use quick fix synthetic urine for negative test results for intoxication.