Moti Ferder – Creative Force Behind Lugano’s Creations

Gems industry has prospered not because gems are precious or their demand has surged. The reason is creative ways to develop something new with these stones. Diamond is the most used gemstone in jewelry making.Top industry experts and diamond lovers always watch out for new trends. The industry has achieved consistent growth with ever changing trends. Rarity of diamond can’t be denied, but diversity is attainable and some people have made consistent efforts to create diversity and invited attention of high-profile individuals towards this diversity. Moti Ferder, an individual who is associated with diamond industry for years has brought innovations in diamond jewelry making.

moti ferder

Who is this man?

It won’t need much to describe this man who has inherited knowledge and skill to deal with diamonds and other gemstones. Moti Ferder is a CEO and Design Director of Lugano Diamonds, the company he owns and the business he acquired in inheritance. You know that inherited knowledge is more saturated than the gained knowledge and that’s why this man is immersed in the diamond industry. He needn’t had to attend the institute for his training when ample opportunity was available in his family business. The extensive training, he got in his business, made him expert in diamond cutting and shaping. The credit of Lugano Diamonds’ success goes to Ferder’s knowledge and efforts.Lugano expanded its business under leadership of Ferder and after opening of its headquarter in 2005 in California, it opened new office in 2013. For every new step of the company, Ferder is the driving force.

Ferder and diamond industry

Many people have association with diamond industry, but a few of them attain a special status. The industry rank people for their ability. Components of jewelry industry are known by its people, the people who are the creative force. Moti Ferder is a creative force of Lugano who pushed it to new heights.