Meet the Warrior amidst Terror and Threat: Mark Dubowitz

The Chief Executive Officer of the Foundation of Defense for Democracies (FDD), Mark Dubowitz, heads the Iran project as well as FDD’s sanctions policies pertaining to Iran as well as the illegal finance policies. Born in South Africa and raised in Toronto, Mark holds a masters degree in international public policy and law. Mark even holds an MBA degree.

He is an expert on sanctions against Iran and advised the government on Iran issues. Iran continues to issue threats to America and Mark being the lead on Iran issues, analyses the issues and develops policy recommendations to counter the threats. He leads projects on non-proliferation and looks after the non-proliferation strategy project of the U.S and the Middle East.

Mark Dubowitz

Life Outside FDD

Mark Dubowitz is a professor at the UT (University of Toronto) where he lectures on Iran’s nuclear program, sanctions and international research. He is a senior research fellow at the University and conducts research in his areas of expertise. He has written for various newspapers and made appearances on news channels to discuss his sanctions policy, Iran’s nuclear policy and FDD.

Mark and FDD

Dubowitz joined FDD in 2003 after a stint as a venture capitalist. He co-authored several reports on the Iran issue for the FDD. He is an asset to FDD, who dared to challenge Iran’s unlawful practices against the U.S. The book ‘The Iran Wars’ dubbed him as a financial warrior.

Mark Dubowitz had made clear statements on the Iran regime which gives some transparency to his goals of a regime change and argues that Iran would succumb to its own foul activities if the U.S takes aggressive actions. He now advises the Trump government on Iran and feels that the President should offend against the Iran regime and consider taking economic sanctions.