Cleaning and pet odor treatment service methods

Most of the cleaning service agencies classify and treat the pet odor and stains on the carpets, rugs, and floor in several categories and then accordingly these are treated from their end.

Methods of treatments

The pet stain removal Mount Pleasant SC, tile and grout cleaning Mount Pleasant SC, and rug cleaning Mount Pleasant SC, as well as all around the world are classified under three ways:

  • Minor Treatment.
  • Moderate Treatment.
  • Major Treatment.

The minor treatment is done on the items where the impact and level of dirt and odor are at the minimum. These are surface cleaning methods where the deep cleansing is not done but in case of additional requirement the treatment can be extended to deep cleaning as per the norms and the costs related to the service agencies. The moderate treatment on the carpets, rugs, and any other similar items are done to reduce the odor and stains to a visible and significant amount but is limited as it does not cure the hygienic factors and issues that may still persist. This is done by regular implementations towards cleaning the surface and the subsurface where the extractions are done as per requirement and level of infestation. The cleaning is done up to the padding of the items and to the subflooring. In case of harsh stains and odors, the carpets are pulled out to clean by using the major and deep clean technologies. In certain situations, the carpets need to be replaced either partially or completely. The deep cleaning includes cleaning on either side with all oxidizers and neutralizers in the form of enzymes for completely cleaning out even in the most complex situations.

The service providers are professional and skilled who guide the clients through each and every step of the problems and suggest ways that could benefit the clients to the maximum extent.